I just wanted to thank you Kristen because I feel that this course has given me my life back! I have joined a gym for the water aerobics and have ventured back in my yard without the fear I had before...every day seems to be better...I’m looking forward each and every day now!


I got so much out of this course! I was able to completely discontinue a nerve pain medication that I had been on for a good while because I don't need it any more! I learned just how powerful my brain is at controlling pain in my body and got some valuable tools and strategies that will help me the rest of my life. Here and there (very seldom now!) some very mild pain tries to resurface but I use my Meter Method tools and the pain is gone quickly.


If you want to get your "before pain" life back, you need to take this course. The Meter Method was transformational for me because fibromyalgia had consumed my life and formed my identity since I was diagnosed in 2005. After my diagnosis, just having a name for my pain seemed to incapacitate me more than ever and limited my activities. But now I've turned back the calendar to the time before I was diagnosed and I am no longer defined by fibromyalgia! 


After finishing The Meter Method I am doing cardio in the form of jogging again! This is amazing because I missed that buzz so much! The best part is that, using the principles of neuroplasticity you taught me, I have found a way to begin from a level that is REALLY gentle AND fun! I'm done with the "boom and bust" cycles I used to put myself through and I have progressed much more quickly that I thought I would.

I used to beat myself up for doing anything except work, but now I'm tapping into my creativity again! I am calmer. I am a better person to be around. I communicate much more effectively. I have a massively improved sense of perspective and can see how all this happened and why and also where I am headed. I truly think I am already 100% well, I just need to believe it! THANK YOU, KRISTEN!


This course forced me to look at things in my life in a different light and I was able to put a lot of things into perspective that were causing me so many ailments, from depression to chronic pain in my body. With your help I have a new story (or should I say song) to describe my life. "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash is my new narrative! Since taking The Meter Method, I have bright bright bright sun shiny days. I know I can make it now, the pain is gone, all of the bad feelings have disappeared. I see the rainbow I have been praying for!  ?

All I can say is THANK YOU again and again, as my life is like day now when it was like dark just a year ago or even 6 months ago.  God bless you for following your calling to help others find the light in their darkness.


The biggest breakthrough I experienced by taking The Meter Method was realizing that I was masking the emotional causes of my pain by constantly seeking/researching ways to fix it. I literally have not had to visit my massage therapist or chiropractor since beginning this course. The pain has decreased dramatically and is not even there most days. If someone is on the fence about this program, I would tell them to approach with an open mind and really try the techniques. Kristen gives you an entire toolbox to pull from by the end of the course and it has helped me so much. 


With your help I have decided, officially, not to live with pain anymore! You really took the time to explain everything with compassion. You tackled extremely difficult topics with a firm gentleness that let me know you really understand how I feel.


Unlike so many doctors that I have seen who ask me to blindly follow their directions, this course enabled me to obtain a deeper knowledge and truth of how my mind and body have been working, and what I need to do in order to change those things. It also gave me the opportunity to understand how my personality plays such a large role in my mental and physical health. Because of what I learned by taking The Meter Method, I am able to analyze what my brain is trying to tell me through my body. This has given me the ability to leave the fear bubble that had caused me to stay home and protect myself from what could happen. Now I go out and live my life doing the things that bring me joy!


Not long before I enrolled in The Meter Method I was trying to determine if I needed to go on antidepressants for the constant fatigue I was experiencing. I wasn't comfortable with they type of medicine the doctor wanted to put me on but I really didn't know what else to do. It was hard to keep up with my kids and responsibilities with the constant fatigue and I never felt like I physically had what I needed to face the day ahead. But the first few modules of the course gave me a new understanding and I began to see my symptoms and my fatigue improve quickly.

The breathing, expressive writing, and tapping are all things that have made huge a difference for me. I have found the expressive writing so helpful that I shared it with my family and now we are all doing it. The other thing that was extremely helpful were the worksheets. I am still amazed at some of the connections I made about my own emotions and my worldview through working through the worksheets.



I have had three coworkers tell me they see a huge difference in me! They see my attitude and overall happiness has changed. They have told me I don’t seem as tired and worn out anymore. I love this course soooo much! I can’t thank you enough. ??????


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